*How to uninstall SoSoDesk.

Option 1: Open start menu, find SoSoDesk file. Click uninstall.
Option 2: Open the SoSoDesk file you've installed. Run the uninstall file.
Option 3: Enter the control panel from start menu, choose 'uninstall program', find SoSoDesk, double click to uninstall.

*How to uninstall Search extention

-The search page will be changed to defaults.
-Uninstall the extention manually
1. Click the Settings button in the right of the address bar.
2. Choose Extensions.
3. Click the trash icon next to SoSoDesk Search and then click Remove on the popup.
4. In the left menu click Settings.
5. In the section Search, use drop-down menu to change the search engine to your preferred one.
6. Restart Google Chrome.